Did surgery can make your penis bigger?

According to medical specialists, penis enlargement surgery might be an effective system to make your penis larger permanently. Many men are thinking of surgery once they find out many other enlargement options are not effective in any respect. It is called that penis enlargement surgery will be as common as breast augmentation surgery. There are two types of enlargement surgery. The original version of this operation involves removing fat from other areas of the body and divides it into the penis. In newer version, allograft, silicone, PMMA or other substances are injected into penis and scrotum to widen the penis (girth enlargement). Most patients are happy with the result of penis lengthening operation, with average gain of 1.6 inches (Source: Wikipedia). However, because this technique is relatively new, long term safety and efficacy are not known.

In penis lengthening surgery, ligaments which connect your manhood to pelvis are cut to allow the penis to descend. After the operation, you want to attach stretcher or weights to your penis daily to keep the results. In case you have got a functional and healthy manhood, most physicians will advice you against this sort of operation as it carries high risk of losing capability to have erection. More than 70% of patients who undergo the operation are not happy with the results. Unless you have circulation problem that keep you from having erection, or you suffer from erectile dysfunction, surgery is not recommended. Visit here surgeon4men.com.

The only non surgical way to make your penis larger permanently is through exercise. There are exercises designed to enhance blood flow to your penis and enlarge erection size. You will find free information on the internet on this topic. But you need to join a paid program to find personal supports from specialists to be certain that you are using the ideal approach. But possibly the most alarming potential complication related to penis enlargement surgery is permanent penile shortening – the entire opposite of what is intended to be achieved. Penile shortening can occur because of the evolution of internal scar tissue which causes the penis to retract within the body. And it is a very real threat – a small but significant 5 percent of men who opt for penis enlargement surgery end up shorter than they were initially – up to an inch or more in length.

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